Berg slags Wheaten!

Friday wheaten speciality 45 Wheatens entered .
First out the siblings C Rock My World ”Roxie” and C Rockabilly ”Leo”
They both did great and each won their puppy cl !!


The little mini Duracell Miss Roxie was BIS PUPPY!!!

Stormy was 2 in youngsters cl with CK

In champion cl Mr Noa C Delayed Devotion did super showed and moved like a dream and won the cl and was 3 best male !

Then the best boy won veteran cl and Best male !!!!!

Junior bitch was won by princess ”Effie” C Euphoria and 4 best bitch and BIS JUNIOR !!

Champion cl and Nora C Syruph and Honey was 2 in a lovely cl and 3 best bitch !

Veteran cl was won by our great girl Loppan C Hotlips and she also was 2 best bitch !

Northon was ones more BEST OF BREED !!!
We are so proud and honored to have this dog in our life’s !!!


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